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5 Reasons You Need A Photo Booth at Your Wedding

When you mention a photo booth, most people picture a tiny box where they have to squeeze in to take photos. Our open air photo booths are a great way to offer high quality photos and a fun experience without being crammed into a box. Renting an open air photo booth from Booth 801 for your wedding will ensure that your guests have fun to the fullest and help your remember your special day for years to’s why:

1. Forever Keepsakes In this world of social media and smartphones, it’s sad to say that photos are rarely printed anymore. The beauty of photo booths is that each guest will leave with images of your special day, to last forever. Some will put them on their mantle. Some may tuck it away in a drawer, but whenever they gaze upon these images, they will be reminded of this loving day. We may be nostalgic, but we are not stuck in time. The photo booth has come a long way since it was invented in 1889. Our photo booths have features that include SMS (text), email, social media, color and black & white options.

2. Documentation Having a photo booth at your wedding reception is a great way to document all of the well-wishers who attend. You'll cherish looking through all the photos and remembering who was there to share your special day. Even if you have an official photographer (or two) taking photos, it's very difficult to photograph almost everyone who attends. This is where a photo booth can really shine. The wedding couple receives a USB drive with every single photo booth image that can be added to their official wedding album.

3. Professional Quality Photos Unlike a lot of photo booth rental companies, Booth 801 is operated by professional photographers with years of experience. We set up professional lighting, use professional cameras and produce photo lab quality prints. The booth is attended 100% of the time to insure everything is working properly and looks great.

4. Customized to your style We will help you customize your background, print and social media templates so they fit perfectly with your wedding style and decor. We custom make the kiosk graphics, print strips and digital templates for every event.

5. More Space for Group Photos There is nothing as memorable and fun as spontaneous group photos. Our photo booths can accommodate a large number of people for group photos without sacrificing the photo booth feeling that everyone loves.

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