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Will there be an attendant on duty to help our guests?

Yes! Our Booth Concierges are highly trained in the art of modern photo-boothing. They will arrive 60-90 minutes before your time, set up and break down the photo booth, assist your guests with printing, emailing photos and GIF videos ready to be posted on social media. Our Booth Concierge helps ensure everyone has memorable experience at your event.

Is it really unlimited prints? How fast does it print?

Every Booth 801 rental includes 100% unlimited 2x6 Photo Strip Printing. No kidding. Yes, its true. Like, for real! Every guest in the photo can leave with an amazing keepsake printout. We use the absolute best professional printer on the market. Lab quality photos print in just seconds. By the time you're done laughing at yourself on the booth display and texting your photos, the prints will be ready.

What is an Open Air Booth?

Booth 810 is Utah's Most Loved Photo Booth Rental. Unlike old-fashioned boxy booths with curtains (think passport booths), an “open-air concept” booth allows your guests to see all the laughter happening and be enticed to join in.

An open style also keeps your options open to everything from beautifully posed group photos to unpredictable photo bombs. Witnessing the fun going on before your eyes is contagious! 

Is the booth easy to use?

Yes!  Our photo booth features touch screen navigation with simple on screen commands and voice prompts.  The booth will count down and walk you through your session.  If you do have questions, our booth concierge will be onsite to assist your guests.  We can even customize the screen specifically for your event with your information, corporate logos, etc.

Where should the Photo Booth be located?

Too many times we've seen clients place us outside of the main event hall. If guests can't see us, we're out of sight and out of mind, which just plain stinks! Just in case you're worried about us being distracting during speeches or dances, we make it a point to temporarily stop the photo booth during those times (and turn off our light) so we're not taking attention away from the special moment!

What are the space requirements?

Ideally, we need a space that is at least 15’ long by 12’ wide by 10' high. Make sure to leave space for your guests to form a line as well. Our Booths are completely modular so if you have a smaller space than suggested, please contact us and we will work with you to adapt the booth to your venue.

What are the power/electrical requirements?

We need a wall outlet (110V, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet) that is dedicated for the photo booth. Sharing an outlet with a bunch of other things like the DJ or lighting can sometimes overpower the plug, but we have extension cords that can help us reach a far away outlet if needed.

Does the booth need internet access?

Yes. Our booth has the ability to instantly send photos to your guests smartphones via text or email. To do this, we need wireless internet access for two devices. Please be prepared to provide any login information needed to access the wireless internet at the venue when we begin setup. In the event that wireless internet access is not available, we have a cellular hotspot that can be used for a $25 fee.

Can the booth be outdoors?

Utah weather is unpredictable, and who wants to go outside and get all sweaty, or freeze to death (sometimes we get both of these within the same event!)  just to take a photo? Be proactive and carve out a space for us inside your event hall so weather is never an issue! If your only option is to put us outside, we can be placed on concrete under an awning, like a porch, or under a 10x10 tent with three tarp walls to protect the backdrop from wind and direct sunlight. Also, if you're feeling a bit generous a portable a/c unit or fan will keep our attendant happy and energized to entertain your guests!  The photo booth may not be placed on grass or wet ground. There is an additional $100 fee for all outdoor events.

Do you need special lighting conditions?

Sunlight shining on the photo booth creates harsh shadows on the guests taking photos (not to mention it causes squinty eyes!), but also be wary of putting the backdrop against a window during daylight hours since the light might shine through the backdrop.  On the subject of light, make sure there's not pot lights or chandeliers right above our space. Those sometimes cause crazy shadows! If there is a light above the photo booth, it can either be turned off or the lightbulb can be sneakily unscrewed and then replaced after the event!

Do we need to provide any tables or decorations?

We highly encourage all our clients to provide a 6-foot table with a linen that matches the rest of your event decor. This makes the photo booth look like it actually belongs at your event, and is not just an afterthought stuck in the corner. We also like to have at least one separate cocktail table to place near the photo booth, so guests have a spot to set their drinks while they cheese it up in the booth! If you really want to spruce up the space, repurpose a floral arrangement from your ceremony and place it on a corner of the table near the photo booth, or create a special sign that says "Photo Booth" or one that has your event hashtag on it.

Can you print black & white photos?

Yes we can! Most events we print in beautiful color. For events that want the vintage and classic look of black and white photos are great. We have options for color, black & white, or both. Just make sure you let us know what you would like when we create your template.

Is your Photo Booth an iPad?

No. We use iPads for sharing it is not attached to the booth or camera. The iPads are strictly there so guest can see and share their photos via email or text. Our photo booth uses a professional Canon camera and studio lighting.

Can we use our background?

Yes. We have lots of backgrounds to choose from, however you are welcome to provide your own. An excellent way to make your photo booth stand out is to add some personal touches like matching the photo booth to your decor and event theme. Either way, we are happy to make suggestions to help you find the perfect look for your booth background.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, for humanitarian nonprofits just get in touch with us. We love working with people and companies trying to make the world a better place, and we are always willing to give back!  We are very thankful to all our friends who use our services that allow us to make this happen!

Do you match prices?

At Booth 801 we have a simple philosophy…Offer top quality service and product at an affordable price.  We are proud to offer our equipment and services at a much more competitive rate than most in the industry!

That being said, should you come across another company offering a lower price, let us know and we will do our best to match their price*.  Also, be sure to compare apples to apples.  Many other photo booth company’s prices do not include Custom Logo Design, Unlimited Prints, Instant Digital Photo Delivery via Text and email, etc.  Many times when you add those features into their quoted price we beat their quote.

We are unable to honor "Groupon" or "Living Social" coupons. 

Do you charge sales tax?

Utah law requires all photographers to charge sales tax for photo booth rentals. We comply with the law.  If you are a 501C non-profit organization or are exempt from sales tax, we are happy to exempt the sales tax from your package but you must provide us with a completed sales tax exemption form.

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